Mr Chaser Czechia 2023

Who is actually a chaser?

A chaser is anyone who is either sexually or emotionally attracted by gay bears. Such a chaser could have any appearance, could be hairy or not, and could be of any age, height or weight. Chaser really adores bears, i.e. men of larger figure, often bearded and hairy.

Chaser is here for bears

Chaser can't do anything without bears and feels best in their company. Usually, the chaser themself is of a smaller body, although this is not a rule. Chaser is simply a bear fan, it doesn't matter how much they weigh. A chaser could look like a bear but doesn't have to identify as a bear themself.

Chaser is always looking for bears

Browse photos and community pages on the Internet and social media. Their partner will probably look like a bear. Chaser must “hunt” and “pursue” bears. Of course, this does not mean any stalking, because a bear must also want to be “caught”. Consent should be there just like everywhere else.

Where will you meet Chaser?

Most often, of course, where there are bears, bear gatherings are heaven on earth for them, because there are a lot of bears here to see, talk, cuddle, touch...

Well, as you can see that I've already let myself get carried away by those thoughts. After all, it's up to everyone how far they would like to go ;)

Dominik, Vice Mr Chaser Czechia 2021

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